Transmission Repair, Service and Flush

Royal Palm Automotive knows all things transmissions. It doesn’t matter if you drive a manual or an automatic; we can provide high quality service to your transmission. Our experienced staff will get your transmission working the way it ought to be.

Over the miles dirt, debris, and other particulates can build up in the various parts of your transmission. If this isn’t dealt with, it can quickly lead to further damage elsewhere in your transmission. Both the transmission filter and the transmission fluid can be affected by this road grime. Whether you need a replacement filter or a top off on the fluid, we can help. Or if your fluid needs to be flushed and refilled, we can do that as well.

We can also repair your transmission as a whole or in part if something more serious arises. All the various systems involved with your transmission will be scoured to ensure nothing has been missed. You’ll be able to count on Royal Palm Automotive locating the problem area and either fixing or replacing whatever is broken or showing signs of breaking.

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