Radiator Fluid Service and Flush

Overheating can be a very serious problem for your vehicle. Your radiator is tasked with the job of taking in the massive amount of heat your vehicle produces while it’s in use and getting rid of it so your engine doesn’t overheat. If your radiator malfunctions, your car, truck, or SUV could be in big trouble.

Royal Palm Automotive offers service for your automobile’s radiator and the coolant inside. The coolant can become contaminated by dirt, debris, and other particulates over time. These contaminants build up and eventually lead to blockages which cause your radiator to work harder to do the same job. This extra works leads to overheating.

Our technicians can flush the contaminated fluid from your radiator, dispose of it properly, and then resupply your vehicle with new coolant. We can also ensure that all the other parts of your radiator are working properly as well. Any piece or part that is presenting a problem can be repaired or replaced by us no matter the make, model, or year.

Come to Royal Palm Automotive and let us help keep your radiator working efficiently so that you don’t have even bigger problems down the road.

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