Preventative Maintenance

Royal Palm Automotive offers preventative maintenance for each and every part of your car, truck, or SUV. Keeping your vehicle running smoothly by making sure everything is working the way it’s supposed to is the best way to keep dangerous, not to mention costlier, problems from arising down the road.

We can repair or replace any part of your automobile. We’ll look for damage, clogging, wear, and tear in all of your filters, gaskets, hoses and belts. Your brake system will be checked for safety. Damage, wear, and low pressure on your tires can be fixed. We’ll check your air conditioning system and make sure it’s keeping you cool. Your battery will be inspected for poor connections, corrosion, and a quality charge. Every part of your transmission can be checked to make sure nothing is faulty. We’ll check your exhaust system to make sure it’s working safely and efficiently. Your water pump and radiator can be inspected. We’ll perform any fluid flushes or filling that need to be done. Plus much more…

If you notice a problem beginning, let us know and we’ll keep it from growing. Royal Palm Automotive has 30 years keeping cars, trucks, and SUVs just like yours safely on the road.

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