Oil Changes

It is very important to keep the oil in your car, truck, or SUV changed on a regular basis. Your car or truck’s manufacturer may suggest a time frame or mileage when you should change your oil, so it’s important to know what they recommend. The most commonly suggested time frame for when you should have your oil changed is once every 3,000 miles (5,000 kilometers) or every three months.

Keeping the moving parts of your vehicle running smoothly is important, so it’s equally as important to keep your oil clean so that it can do its job efficiently. The oil in your car will get contaminated over the miles. Dirt, debris, and other particulates will get into the oil and gunk it up. The more contaminated and polluted the oil becomes the less lubricating effect it has on your engine. This can lead to a host of problems that can be extremely dangerous, not to mention expensive.

Royal Palm Automotive has 30 years of experience with oil changes for every make and model of vehicle on the road. Bring in your vehicle for a high quality oil change and know it’ll be done the right way.

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