Fuel Injection Cleaning

When the fuel injector of your car, truck, or SUV isn’t working the way that it should be, the efficiency (as well as gas mileage) of your vehicle is lowered considerably. Royal Palm Automotive can inspect your vehicle’s fuel injector to ensure it’s working properly.

When your fuel injector isn’t functioning, it doesn’t make the best possible use of the fuel or doesn’t deliver the fuel the way that it should be. When you come to a stop does your car or truck sputter? Has your car been known to stall frequently or threaten to stall? Can you hear sounds coming from the engine that you know shouldn’t be there? The problem could be with your fuel injector. Royal Palm Automotive can look at your automobile and assess the source of the trouble.

We will remove the build of dirt and debris that can threaten to clog your fuel injector. We’ll ensure that all the parts are in proper working order and if they aren’t we can repair or replace anything that needs it, no matter the make or model of your vehicle.

Royal Palm Automotive has thirty years experience in keeping cars and trucks like yours running at the best possible efficiently.

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