Filters, Gaskets, Belts and Hoses

The filters in your car keep dirt and other contaminants away from places where they do not belong. The gaskets are seals that prohibit leaking. Your vehicle’s belts ensure that the parts that depend on them continue to move and do their job. And hoses are responsible for taking fluid and gas both out of and into various parts of your engine. A mishap in any one of these pieces could mean serious trouble. Let Royal Palm Automotive determine which piece is out of line and then repair or replace it.

We’ll investigate all the various filters in your car, truck, or SUV and ensure that they are clean and free of any clogging particulates, replacing them if necessary. Your belts will be checked for cracking, wearing, and squeaking. We carry any size belt that needs to be replaced if any are found to be broken. If one or more of the gaskets in your vehicle’s engine is found to be damaged, we’ll fix or replace it to reseal the area. And your hoses will be looked over for leaks and poor connections. We’ll offer to repair the ones that can be repaired or replace the ones that can’t.

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