Electrical System Diagnostics

Locating the source of a problem isn’t always easy to do. Royal Palm Automotive has the diagnosticians and tools to locate and repair problem areas in your vehicle’s electrical system.

When it comes to your car, truck, or SUV we offer services in all things electrical. At the heart of your electrical system is the alternator. It, along with the battery, is a key component in providing electricity to your automobile. We’ll test it and make sure it’s doing its job and if it isn’t we’ll determine why. We can then repair it or replace, depending on the extent of the problem.

If there are problems beyond the alternator, our experienced staff can diagnose and fix them as well. We’ll check all the connections in your car’s electrical system and look for any that are working improperly. Your battery will be inspected, as well as the fuses. Frays and poor connections in all of your cables will also be inspected and repaired where necessary.

Royal Palm Automotive will get to bottom of any malfunctions in your car, truck, or SUV’s electrical system and get it fixed. From the dome light, to the starter we’ll get your vehicle working the way it was meant to.

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