Differential Fluid Service

Your car, truck, or SUV can’t continue driving if the differential is locked up. Proper lubrication, as provided by the differential fluid, will help ensure this doesn’t happen. And Royal Palm Automotive can see to it that your differential fluid is good to go.

Lubrication isn’t the only job the differential fluid performs. It also helps keep your gear box from getting too hot. In addition to the regular culprits of dirt, debris, and other particulates, your differential fluid is also vulnerable to breaking down. Over time and with use it becomes less and less efficient and could eventually be the catalyst in causing your gear box to lock up.

Royal Palm Automotive has 30 years of experience of keeping the differentials in cars, trucks, and SUVs of all makes and models turning smoothly, efficiently, and safely. We’ll inspect your differential and the fluid within it to ensure it’s working the way it should be. If it’s not, we can flush the fluid and replenish it. We’ll dispose of the contaminated fluid and you’ll be on your way.

Don’t wait until your differential seizes up. Let Royal Palm Automotive inspect your fluid and make sure it’s clean and working properly.

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