Check Engine Light

Putting a piece of electrical tape over your check engine light or ignoring it won’t make the problem go away. Let Royal Palm Automotive diagnose the problem the light is indicating so that your car, truck, or SUV can run as efficiently as it should be.

The light on your dashboard could be indicating something serious or something minor. There are literally hundreds of reasons why it may be lit. The problem is it is often impossible to know unless the problem is diagnoses. We have the tools to determine what’s wrong and the know how to make the repairs.

Many people think that since the car is still working, then the check engine light is either indicating something minor or it’s malfunctioning. It may be warning you of a problem that is growing. It could be a warning to get the problem fixed now before it becomes a several hundred dollar debacle in several months.

With 30 years of experience, Royal Palm Automotive has the knowledge to determine the source of the problem and inform you of the best possible solution. Whether a repair or a replacement is needed, we can help.

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