Battery Charging and Replacement

When your car or truck won’t start because of a dead battery it can be very frustrating. Equally as frustrating is needing to constantly recharge your vehicle’s battery because it won’t hold a charge. Royal Palm Automotive offers battery charging as well as battery replacement services.

Maybe you left your lights on overnight. Maybe you haven’t used your car, truck, or SUV for quite some time. Or maybe the age of your battery is the primary factor. Whatever the reason we can fix the problem.

Nothing lasts forever and batteries are no different. If the battery in your car is properly maintained and cared for, you can extend its life. But even that won’t stop it from eventually needing to be replaced. If your battery isn’t holding a charge the way that it used to, that could be a sign that it’s time to get a new one. We carry every brand and size that’s needed for your car, truck, or SUV. We’ll install the new battery and dispose of your old one.

Corrosion, grease, dirt, and problems with connections can also be the culprit of your malfunctioning battery. Royal Palm Automotive will find the source of your trouble and repair or replace your battery accordingly.

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