A/C repair & coolant services

It’s important that your car or truck’s engine stays cool as well as the people inside. You can trust Royal Palm Automotive to keep your air conditioning and coolant systems working perfectly.

The temperature of your vehicle is measured and controlled by its coolant system. Your automobile can suffer costly damage if that system isn’t working properly. We can check every part of the coolant design in your vehicle to prevent mishaps from happening. And while preventative measures can help keep these kinds of problems from arising, we understand that accidents happen. We can fix or replace any part or piece of your coolant system.

Keeping yourself and your family comfortable while on the road can feel just as important as keeping the engine cool. When it’s hot outside, no one enjoys riding in a car or truck without a properly functioning air conditioner to help cool them down. We’ll investigate your A/C and find the source of the problem and either repair or replace anything that’s damaged.

Royal Palm Automotive has 30 years of experience in keeping your car, as well as the people inside it, cool and comfortable.

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