A/C Coolant Flush

It seems dirt, debris, and other particulates are a common culprit in a lot of the problems you’ll encounter in the life of your car, truck, or SUV. The coolant in your car’s A/C is no different. Let Royal Palm Automotive use our thirty years of service in order to flush your A/C and replenish the fluid when the time comes.

As the oil in your car or truck’s air conditioning system ages, it breaks down and builds up. That build up can clog the various parts of the A/C and cause it work harder and less efficiently. If the accumulation of this grime is extensive, it can also cause your A/C to stop working all together. Which can not only lead to even more expensive problems, but can also make for a really hot ride.

Royal Palm Automotive can help keep your A/C and coolant from getting too backed up by providing a flush service to your air conditioning system to get rid of the contaminated fluid, dispose of it, and replenish it with brand new coolant. We’ll have your car, truck, or SUV’s A/C system running more smoothly and more efficiently with an A/C flush.

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