Servicing Your Car Could Prevent Future Disasters

Part of the responsibility of owning a car is that you need to keep it in road safe condition.  Yes, you get insurance to protect yourself from accidents but why take the chance of getting into an accident if it is preventable.  You take care of your body because you want to live a longer and more productive life.  When you don’t take care of your body you risk getting sick.  That’s why you go to the doctor.  It is the same thing with your car. You get it serviced so that it can last longer and be safer on the road. Going to get your car serviced is like going to the doctor in the way that … [Read more...]

Before Leaving for a Roadtrip

Before leaving on a roadtrip, be sure to: Take your vehicle to an Independent Service Center near you to check your belts, hoses, brakes, lights, windshield washer fluid, wiper blades, engine oil and coolant Make sure your trunk has a jack, lug wrench and other tools you'll need to change a tire Check tire pressure of all tires, including the spare Make sure you have a working flashlight with extra batteries, emergency reflectors, sunglasses and a first aid-kit Take your driver's license, vehicle registration and auto and medical insurance cards Carry a spare set of vehicle … [Read more...]

Why Should You Get Your Car’s Oil Checked?

Getting your car’s oil check should be part of the general maintenance of your car.  It helps the car run better and last longer.  Your car can not run at its optimal efficiency if you don’t treat it well. Old oil can get dirty.  Dirty oil is not good for your car.  The metal parts in your car slide against each other constantly and they do so at high speeds.  If metal does not have clean oil to lubricate its movement it can generate a lot of heat.  That heat can be very bad for your engine.  The oil helps the metal parts to work together easily.  Dirty oil can cause the parts of your … [Read more...]